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Why Use Airboats?

Black Hammock airboat rides exclusively uses airboats because of their capability to travel through different environments.  Lake Jesup is an ideal location for airboat rides because it is dynamic in the sense that it includes a marshland on the north side and old-growth cypress trees on the south side.  When you take our airboat rides you can witness how easily the airboat ravels over these types of environments. Airboats  can also operate in wetlands, rivers, coastal environments and even over ice!

Airboats have a flat-bottomed hull with no working parts underneath or in the water line.  The hull can be made of different materials such as fiberglass or aluminum.  Black Hammock airboat rides uses vessels with an aluminum hull and all are U.S. Coast Guard approved.

Airboat rides are a great way to experience nature while being environmentally friendly.  Black Hammock provided airboat rides for volunteers of the Lake Jesup Restoration Project in Seminole County.  Our airboats were used to transport volunteers to the restoration site.  Airboats are a great way to travel through sensitive areas to minimize human impact on the environment, and are even often used for environmental research and patrol.

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