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Black Hammock featured on Seminole Voice

Last weekend we were excited to be visited by Kyle Warnke of the Seminole Voice to be featured in his upcoming Father’s Day article (excerpt below).  The Seminole Voice began publishing in Oviedo in 1990.  In 2000, they added the city of Winter Springs to its coverage area. The Seminole Voice is a bi-weekly newspaper in Central Florida’s highly desirable, affluent areas of Oviedo, Winter Springs, Geneva and Chuluota.

Visit their website at www.seminolevoice.com!

And now for the excerpt:

Joel Martin – Photo by Isaac Babcock of Seminole Voice

Father’s Day Ideas

By Kyle Warnke
Seminole Voice
June 7, 2012 5:02 p.m.

The roar of the giant rotor blade drowned out everything else. Gliding across the choppy waters of Lake Jesup, the airboat dipped and swerved its way around lily pads, baby alligators, and tiny wake waves. Joel Martin, owner and founder of Black Hammock Adventures, sits high up in the driver’s seat, a smile spread beneath his black sunglasses as he begins to turn toward the shore. A quick movement in the water, and Joel changes direction and zeroes in on a 4-foot gator.

“Not as aggressive as crocodiles,” he said, as its dark green scales disappear into the brushes. “Now those you have to watch out for. They’ll follow you around.”

Joel would know. In addition to spending most of his time among the reptiles, he keeps one of the largest he’s found in a cage next to the gift shop. Hammy, a 40-year-old gator half the size of a car, gives guests an idea of what they’re in for as they pass through the faded wooden entryway.

“Alligators can live up to 40 years old, 60 in captivity. It’s kind of like being single versus being married,” Martin said with a laugh. A natural outdoorsman and adventurer himself, he was born in Paris, France, before living in Africa for 18 years.

With Father’s Day approaching fast, it can be tough to think of unique gifts without making a cliché of dear old Dad. Instead of cluttering his closet with another tie, there may be other options to explore… Click here for full article

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