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Black Hammock debuts Pontoon Eco Tour

Black Hammock debuts Pontoon Eco Tour

Have you heard the news about the NEW Black Hammock Nature Tour?  Our NEW Eco Tour takes place on an beautiful state of the art pontoon boat.  This nature tour is ideal for groups wanting to learn about the natural treasures of Lake Jesup and will provide guests with the ability to converse and learn about Florida wildlife.  Black Hammock is conveniently located approximately 30 minutes from the Orlando International Airport; so your guests & colleagues won’t worry about having to travel far.  We are close enough to Orlando for your commute but just far away enough from the hustle and bustle of Orlando’s busiest attractions.   The Black Hammock Pontoon tour is equipped with tables, cup holders, benched seating, an on-board restroom and a covered deck.  All of these amenities make the Black Hammock Pontoon Tour the best choice for a comfortable ride for all ages.

Our Nature Tour is a great option for wildlife enthusiasts that desire a more solid and stable platform for cameras and recording equipment.  On the Pontoon Eco Tour, birders can rent binoculars to spot the seemingly endless species of birds migrating, nesting and feeding around Bird Island.  This Eco Tour is bursting with history, wildlife and nature at it’s finest.  The Pontoon will cruise along the edge of the cypress trees, cut through the seasonal aqua plants, and explore around Bird Island as it makes its way around the lake.  Alligators around Black Hammock will be establishing their territories in the winter and looking for females in the springtime.  You will also witness females building their nests in the summer.  Every season on Lake Jesup has something new to offer.  The Black Hammock Nature Tour will cruise past several different ecosystems the spectacular panoramic views will transform with every season.  Each ecosystem on the lake has a unique plant and animal species to observe.  Whether you want to learn about all nature surrounding the Black Hammock or just want a relaxing pontoon ride on the water; we aim to give you an adventure to remember.

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