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Airboat Rides on Lake Jesup near Orlando

If you want to see alligators, Lake Jesup is the place to be!  Take an Airboat Ride on Lake Jesup – A large, shallow water body in Seminole County.  Lake Jesup and its floodplain extend over approximately 16,000 acres. Over 100,000 years old, the lake itself covers about 10,000 acres. When taking an Airboat Ride at Black Hammock you will see that besides the very large population of alligators, Lake Jesup is also home to many eagles, ospreys, wading birds, bobcats and more!

More than 10,000 strong, Lake Jesup has Florida’s highest population of the ancient crocodilians. In fact, no other lake in North America claims more gators per acre. The best time to take an Airboat Ride is between March and May which is alligator mating season!  Where there are alligators present, you’ll sometimes find bird rookeries, because the birds know that gators keep predator populations in check. Our airboat rides will take you a thrilling tour of Lake Jesup where you will circle Bird Island.  Bird Island, a small island in the interior of Jesup is a significant wading bird rookery.  Our airboats are U.S. Coast Guard inspected and driven by licensed Master Captains.  The best airboat rides in Central Florida!  No reservation required for the 30 minute airboat ride and just a stone’s throw away from Orlando’s busiest attractions.  Take an airboat ride with us today!

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