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Airboat Rides, A Mound of Trees, and You.

Black Hammock Airboat Rides is a wonderful award-winning experience like nowhere else! Before boarding for your airboat ride, you may wonder “Where are all the hammocks?”. The term “Hammock” does not only refer to that relaxing sling of fabric that you (and probably our employees) would lounge in if they were available here; it is also a geological term for for stands of trees that form an island in a contrasting ecosystem. Upon visiting Black Hammock for your airboat ride you will witness this first hand. The word was first coined in the 1550s as a nautical term for a tree-covered island that looks like a mound of trees seen on the horizon. When taking your airboat ride you will see that there is no “mound of trees” more noticeable than Bird Island; right in the heart of the beautiful Lake Jesup.

While on your airboat ride, you will notice many ecological hammocks in the coves while exploring through the coves and looking for alligators. Hammocks grow on elevated areas, often just a few inches high, and are surrounded by wetlands. The term is also applied to clusters of hardwood trees growing on slopes between wetlands and drier uplands made of coniferous (pine) forest. Types of hammocks found in the United States include tropical hardwood hammocks, temperate hardwood hammocks, and maritime or coastal hammocks.

Unlike many ecosystems of the coastal plain of the southeastern United States, hammocks are not tolerant of fire. Hammocks tend to occur in locations where fire is not common, or where there is some protection from fire. Hammocks have begun developing in historic times in areas where fire has been suppressed through human intervention, or where elevations above wetlands have been created by dredging, mining, road and causeway building. Your airboat captain will give you a brief history lesson about Lake Jesup but you will also learn about it’s wondrous ecosystem and the various species of animals you will witness first hand.  A thrilling airboat ride at your local award-winning attraction, and you get to learn something too!

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