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The Eagle has Landed!

The Eagles have returned to the Black Hammock! After heading out of Orlando for the summer, the Bald Eagles are beginning to return to Lake Jesup for fall migration.  Eagles are a common sight in fall and winter on your Black Hammock airboat ride.  Many airboat ride goers have reported that an Eagles nest has been spotted in the center of Bird Island on their tour.   Bird Island is a treasure trove of wildlife where guests can witness many feathered inhabitants as they circle the coastline on their airboat tour. Many of you Continue reading →

Latest Black Hammock Airboat Rides Reviews!

We at the Black Hammock really love our customers!  Here is just a glimpse of the absolutely fantastic feedback our customers sent us after their airboat ride! May 12, 2013 Great place to just hang out but also a fun airboat tour. All the staff are really nice.   May 8, 2013 This was my fourth airboat ride at Black Hammock and each time, have had multiple alligator sightings and of course birds of all kinds. Highly recommend this trip, especially in the mornings when Continue reading →

How Do Airboats Work?

An airboat is basically a boat without a motor and propelled by a giant fan.  Since there is not a motor in the water it allows for the boat to move over surfaces that many boats cannot; such as low water and swamps.  Airboats are an ideal way to get around Florida marshlands to get up close and personal with the local wildlife. When you take an airboat ride you are experiencing Newton’s Laws of Motion first hand!  Newton’s Laws of Motions is composed of three laws: Newton’s First law:  An object Continue reading →

Thank you letter from Seminole County Watershed Management

Seminole County Watershed Management would like to thank Black Hammock Adventures for the continued support. Education, restoration and continued community support is how we are going to make a difference in restoring Lake Jesup. We would not be able to accomplish our huge volunteer projects on Lake Jesup without the use of your airboats and captains. Twice a year, we have between 100-150 volunteers participate at our Lake Jesup Restoration project. When we call you for help, you guys never so no, just what can we do to participate! Your Continue reading →