Increase of Alligator Sightings at Black Hammock Airboat Rides

Black Hammock guests and staff has been reporting record numbers of alligator sightings on their airboat rides this year!  There have been a number of large gators basking on the peninsula by the airboats as well as swimming in the bank. At one point there were so many alligators in the bank that Captain Steve had to delay his entry upon return from an airboat ride. Recent downpours have caused the water levels in Lake Jesup to rise. This has caused a spike in alligator activity on top of it being mating season.

In addition to this, there has also been sightings of Osprey flying with live fish in their talons, Limpkins, Black Neck Stilts, Cardinals, Great Blue Herons and many other birds!


We at the Black Hammock do not feed, harass, or interact with the abundant bird population or wildlife on or airboat rides or anywhere else.  Wild Boar, White-tailed Deer, Marsh Rabbits, and Alligator Gar inhabit the lake as well and can be seen on occasion. We embrace the seasonal plant-life, amazing cypress trees, thousands of alligators, the ever-growing bird life, and the general wonder of this ecosystem.

This is an excellent time to dust off your camera and head to the Black Hammock where many photo opportunities await! Visit our Facebook page linked below to view the many photos submitted by guests and staff on a weekly basis. Don’t forget to “Like” us while you are there!