Don’t Feed the Gators

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t feed the alligators on your airboat ride.  Though it may seem like a harmless thing to do; this action is actually very dangerous!  It is not a matter of what you feed them, but the change of alligator behavior if you do feed them.  When you feed an alligator it associate’s humans with food.  It is also illegal to feed or harass an alligator in the state of Florida.  The Black Hammock takes the safety of our airboat ride passengers and of the surrounding wildlife very seriously.  Feeding alligators is not only dangerous to you but also harmful to the animal.  This will dissolve their natural wariness of humans and will encourage them to approach unsuspecting humans.  You can just imagine how dangerous that could be!  Black Hammock airboat rides take place on Lake Jesup; located just north of Orlando.  Lake Jesup is known for hosting the largest alligator population in all of Florida.
Black Hammock airboat rides provide a safe way for you to witness Florida’s wildlife the way nature intended.  Your experienced airboat captain will never entice an alligator or try to lure it to the airboat with food.  Instead, he will take you on an airboat ride to the locations that you are most likely to see alligators in their natural habitat.  Don’t forget to bring your camera on your next airboat ride at the Black Hammock.