Sunset Airboat Rides Are Back!

Black Hammock‘s spectacular Sunset Airboat Rides are back in season!  The beautiful sunset on Lake Jesup is an exciting experience like none other.  Our sunset airboat rides are very affordable – only $15 per person.  This airboat ride includes a mini tour of Lake Jesup and Bird Island.  Lake Jesup has the LARGEST alligator population in ALL of Florida.  Black Hammock airboat rides are a great way to get off the beaten path and experience “Real Florida”.  Reservations are required for Sunset Airboat Rides with Continue reading →

Special discount on Airboat Rides for Field Trips

Black Hammock is happy to announce that we are now offering an exclusive School Field Trip discount on Airboat Rides! Our airboat rides provide an exciting yet safe adventure for children of all ages. They will learn about Florida’s spectacular wildlife and witness it first hand. The tour includes a thrilling airboat ride around Lake Jesup and Bird Island where they can view live alligators in their natural habitat as well as many species of birds. Lake Jesup is located just north of Orlando and Continue reading →

What to expect on your Airboat Ride

Purchase your airboat ticket at the Black Hammock Gift Shop where you will be given an approximate departure time.  When it is time to head down to the dock your captain will collect your airboat tickets and help you onboard.  He will then give you an airboat safety speech.  Leaving the Black Hammock marina your airboat will travel at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour!  Your captain will take you on an exciting tour of Lake Jesup with your companions. He will point Continue reading →

Don’t Feed the Gators

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t feed the alligators on your airboat ride.  Though it may seem like a harmless thing to do; this action is actually very dangerous!  It is not a matter of what you feed them, but the change of alligator behavior if you do feed them.  When you feed an alligator it associate’s humans with food.  It is also illegal to feed or harass an alligator in the state of Florida.  The Black Hammock takes the safety of our airboat Continue reading →

Why Use Airboats?

Black Hammock airboat rides exclusively uses airboats because of their capability to travel through different environments.  Lake Jesup is an ideal location for airboat rides because it is dynamic in the sense that it includes a marshland on the north side and old-growth cypress trees on the south side.  When you take our airboat rides you can witness how easily the airboat travels over these types of environments.  Airboats can also operate in wetlands, rivers, coastal environments and even over ice! Airboats have a flat-bottomed Continue reading →

Alligators, Airboat Rides, and You.

When you take one of our thrilling airboat rides just outside of Orlando; one animal you will see is the American alligator.  The American alligator is also known as Mississippi Alligator. It is one of only two living species of alligator.  Our airboat rides take place on Lake Jesup – known for hosting the largest population of American alligators in all of Florida!  The other type of alligator is the Chinese alligator located in Eastern China. The word alligator is derived from the Spanish ‘el lagarto’, Continue reading →

How Do Airboats Work?

An airboat is basically a boat without a motor and propelled by a giant fan.  Since there is not a motor in the water it allows for the boat to move over surfaces that many boats cannot; such as low water and swamps.  Airboats are an ideal way to get around Florida marshlands to get up close and personal with the local wildlife. When you take an airboat ride you are experiencing Newton’s Laws of Motion first hand!  Newton’s Laws of Motions is composed of three laws: Newton’s First law:  An object Continue reading →

Treat your sweet to something unique!

Looking for something more than the traditional dinner and drink?  How about a little adventure?  Black Hammock 30 Minute Airboat Rides depart every half hour with no reservation required from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM; seven days a week!  The Black Hammock also includes a FREE wildlife exhibit featuring live alligators, blue and gold macaws, a small aviary and ball python.  Our location is an excellent stop for avid bird watchers visiting the Black Hammock Wilderness.  There has been recent been reported sightings of purple gallinules that cannot be seen anywhere else Continue reading →

Thank you letter from Seminole County Watershed Management

Seminole County Watershed Management would like to thank Black Hammock Adventures for the continued support. Education, restoration and continued community support is how we are going to make a difference in restoring Lake Jesup. We would not be able to accomplish our huge volunteer projects on Lake Jesup without the use of your airboats and captains. Twice a year, we have between 100-150 volunteers participate at our Lake Jesup Restoration project. When we call you for help, you guys never so no, just what can we do to participate! Your Continue reading →