Unforgettable Black Hammock Airboat Rides

Airboat Rides are a popular way to explore Florida’s Natural Habitat.  Black Hammock airboat rides take place on Lake Jesup. Lake Jesup boasts the largest alligator population in the entire state of Florida.  And guess what?  Lake Jesup averages to about only six feet deep!  There are an estimated 10,000 or more alligators in Lake Jesup.  When you take an airboat ride, keep alert even before you board the boat.  Often times you will see alligators basking on the shores of the Black Hammock peninsula.  See an odd Continue reading →

Airboat Rides: The Best Type of Eco Tour

You may wonder why we use airboats for our nature tours?  What are the advantages of using an airboat anyway? Believe it or not, airboats are the only safe way to venture into the watery world of swamps, marshes & river deltas. Airboats are safe – both for the local wildlife and plant life, and for the guests on board. All of our airboats are U.S. Coast Guard approved and driven by licensed Master Captains.  Airboats provide for a stable platform which is much more Continue reading →

Airboat Rides, A Mound of Trees, and You.

Black Hammock Airboat Rides is a wonderful award-winning experience like nowhere else! Before boarding for your airboat ride, you may wonder “Where are all the hammocks?”. The term “Hammock” does not only refer to that relaxing sling of fabric that you (and probably our employees) would lounge in if they were available here; it is also a geological term for for stands of trees that form an island in a contrasting ecosystem. Upon visiting Black Hammock for your airboat ride you will witness this first Continue reading →

Open on Thanksgiving!

A traditional holiday with a twist! Take a thrilling Airboat Ride and explore Lake Jesup and Bird Island. Remember your experience with a photo session with a live alligator. Afterwards, you can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at our on-site Black Hammock Restaurant or a drink at our lakeview The Lazy Gator Bar! Black Hammock is a lakeside attraction like nowhere else! Located on Lake Jesup which is widely known for having the LARGEST alligator population in all of Florida! Venue includes a lakeview bar, airboat rides, full service restaurant with Continue reading →

Have a “Real Florida” Wedding

The Black Hammock is an excellent choice for an exciting “Real Florida” wedding experience. Our venue provides a unique backdrop for your wedding and reception.  As you walk the premises you can picture your your wedding ceremony at our beautiful lakeview gazebo right on the tranquil Lake Jesup, surrounded by your family and friends.  Venue includes a lakeview bar, airboat rides, full service restaurant, free wildlife exhibit, venue rental and more! Just a stone’s throw away from Orlando’s busiest attractions. You may choose to have Continue reading →

The Eagle has Landed!

The Eagles have returned to the Black Hammock! After heading out of Orlando for the summer, the Bald Eagles are beginning to return to Lake Jesup for fall migration.  Eagles are a common sight in fall and winter on your Black Hammock airboat ride.  Many airboat ride goers have reported that an Eagles nest has been spotted in the center of Bird Island on their tour.   Bird Island is a treasure trove of wildlife where guests can witness many feathered inhabitants as they circle the coastline on their airboat tour. Many of you Continue reading →

Black Hammock debuts Pontoon Eco Tour

Have you heard the news about the NEW Black Hammock Nature Tour?  Our NEW Eco Tour takes place on an beautiful state of the art pontoon boat.  This nature tour is ideal for groups wanting to learn about the natural treasures of Lake Jesup and will provide guests with the ability to converse and learn about Florida wildlife.  Black Hammock is conveniently located approximately 30 minutes from the Orlando International Airport; so your guests & colleagues won’t worry about having to travel far.  We are close enough to Orlando Continue reading →

Buy Three Airboat Rides, Get One Free!

Join us on Labor Day, Monday, September 2nd for a day of adventure!  Save with this printable coupon:  Buy Three Thirty Minute Airboat Rides and Get One FREE for Labor Day!  Thinking of things to do in Orlando with the family?  Look no further.  Black Hammock is an award-winning attraction with a FREE Wildlife Exhibit, Airboat Rides, Lakeview Bar, Gift Shop and on-site restaurant.  Home of our FAMOUS Gator Bites made with the best gator tail in town.  Fun for the whole family!

Flight of the Luna Moth

While you are waiting for your Black Hammock airboat tour, you may see a gigantic green moth hanging around by the Gift Shop display window.  This beautiful insect is known as the Luna Moth.  This species of moth is one of the largest moths in North America!  It has a wingspan of up to 4.5 inches.  The pale green wings have four eye spots that’s purpose is to confuse potential predators.  If attacked, the moth will flutter its wings wildly.  Male and female adults look similar, but the Continue reading →

Eagle Migration in Central Florida

You may be wondering why you have not seen the iconic American Eagle on the banks of Lake Jesup before departing for your airboat ride.  Don’t worry!  These magnificent creatures will be returning soon in Autumn!  Earlier in the year you may have seen adult eagles with their young during your airboat ride as you pass by Bird Island.  These new adolescents were the first to travel North for Spring Migration with the adults traveling sometime after. Adult bald eagles begin fall migration when the Continue reading →