Black Hammock Featured on Fox 35

Did you see the Black Hammock featured on Fox 35? That’s right – local weatherman Jayme King hosted his “King of the Road” video at the Black Hammock in Oviedo, FL! Jayme went on a fun airboat ride on Lake Jesup to catch a glimpse of an alligator, and to see the wild life surrounding historic bird island. He also got to hold our baby gator, Firecracker, and eat some delicious alligator bites, catfish nuggets and more at the Black Hammock Restaurant!

Fox 35 weatherman holds Firecracker, the Black Hammock's baby alligator!

Fox 35 weatherman holds Firecracker, the Black Hammock’s baby alligator!


Click here to view his fun video featuring this local Oviedo attraction! Come out any time to experience it for yourself!