Alligators at the Black Hammock

When you visit the Black Hammock you are greeted by the gators in our free wildlife exhibit.  However, you may not be aware that you are also being watched!  Black Hammock is located on Lake Jesup just north of Orlando.  It is the large lake you cross when traveling on 417.  Lake Jesup is unique because it is widely known for hosting the largest alligator population in all of Florida.  This lake is a truly ideal location to take an airboat ride because of it’s abundant wildlife.

So how do you spot these spectacular creatures?  When walking around the Black Hammock peninsula you will see a canopied outdoor terrace by our lakeside bar.  Look to your left; where the airboats are located.  You will often see alligators basking in the grass area.  Look closely!  You will notice the ridges from their backs and tails slightly above the water.

Walk past the airboats further down the peninsula and look for breaks in the water.  Often times alligators look like a log or two small bumps.  The bumps are their eyes and nose.  If you glance around and across the peninsula you may see larger gators basking in the sun as well.  Gators have a natural fear of humans and you should never feed them!  It is also illegal to feed them.

When taking an airboat ride at the Black Hammock your captain will do most of the spotting for you!  All you have to do is bring your camera.  Your airboat captain is highly experienced and often knows the nesting locations and can easily spot a hiding alligator for you to see.  The airboat ride also includes a tour of bird island which provides for many photo opportunities.  Black Hammock is a unique attraction both on the lake and on shore. If you are tired of the same old theme parks then come visit us!  Free wifi on the terrance now available!

  gators on bank