Airboat Rides on Lake Jesup near Orlando!

The best way to see Lake Jesup is to take an airboat ride with Black Hammock Adventures. The eco-attraction is located on the southern portion of the 16,000 acre lake. Surrounded by alligator images and Florida artifacts, visitors drawn to the shimmering waters of Lake Jesup soon are introduced to a world far removed from their own back yard. In a matter of minutes, Black Hammock Adventures will immerse them in a flora and fauna filled environment where rare, raucous and riveting creatures reside year-round.

Many different animals may be seen on your airboat ride; from bald eagles to predatory alligators, hundreds of species of birds and animals abound within miles of our marina. By riding aboard one of our state-of-the-art airboats, we can swiftly skim the waters or glide silently among the reeds and islands and look eye-to-eye with the feathered as well as the ferocious.

With Black Hammock Adventures, a trip with us is truly an adventure because this 100,000 year old lake is home to more than 10,000 alligators – the largest concentration of any lake in the the state of Florida.
Our airboat rides can fly like the wind at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour across the water viewing Florida’s wildlife and slow down to explore every crook and cranny of Lake Jesup in search of gators, birds, turtles and the Florida alligator in their own natural habitat.

Guests experience all of this in one of our top-of-the-line airboats and we assure you that while the trip is exciting; it is also very safe. After the airboat ride, guests can tour our free live alligator exhibit or unwind over a relaxing meal and beverage before shopping in our alligator-themed gift shop.

Bird Island
Black Hammock airboat rides is a favorite destination for the winged creatures called Bird Island. It is a favorite site for our excurions also as is one of the lake’s ecological gems, The island is circular in outline and low enough to sometimes be covered in water. Bird Island is a 31-acre nesting site for bald eagles and is a significant roosting and nesting area for wading birds. The island features a very large colony of herons and ibis

More About The Lake
Located along the middle basin of the St. Johns River, Lake Jesup includes open water and flood plain, and has a circumference of 28 miles. Lake Jesup has historically attracted thousands of recreational boaters and anglers each year. Today, the St. Johns River Water Management District and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and working hand in hand with local governments to ensure the lake remains viable and vibrant part of central Florida. Current restoration efforts are not only important to the Central Florida community, but also to the St. Johns River system. The St. Johns River flows north for 310 miles from Indian River County to the Atlantic Ocean at Jacksonville. Lake Jesup’s waters join that system just north of the State Road 46 bridge between lakes Monroe and Harney, both straddling the border between Seminole and Volusia counties.

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